Russian delegation visited Ain Issa Council

A delegation from the Russian Foreign Ministry visited on Thursday Ain Issa district of Girê Spî / Tel Abyad and met with its administration to review the service conditions and infrastructure in the district.

The Russian delegation, which consisted of 3 people, met with the co-chairmanship of Ain Issa District Council. The meeting’s sides discussed service matters and plans to develop and build the infrastructure in the district such as schools and hospitals which had been damaged by battles.

The meeting was closed to the media outlets, and in an interview with our agency’s correspondent, the co-chair of Ain Issa District Council Mostafa Mohammed said, "We discussed the rehabilitation of the infrastructure of hospitals and schools that have been damaged by the wars occurred in the region.”

He explained that they had asked the Russian delegation to contribute to stop the Turkish attack and keep them away from Ain Issa to stop the displacement witnessed in the region as a result of the fighting.

Mostafa Mohammed said that the Russian delegation assured them to deliver their demands to the Russian military leaders, and expected to continue visits by Russian delegations to the region to develop the service reality and infrastructure.

This is the second Russian delegation to visit the region in a week, as a Russian delegation visited the city of Kobanê two days ago and met with the Autonomous Administration in Kobanê and Tel Abyad


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