Russian FM support roadmap to protect north, east of Syria

Bedran Çiya Kurd has revealed discussions between the Russian Foreign and Autonomous Administration in a gathering, he stressed that the Russian Foreign Ministry supported the idea of a roadmap to start dialogue mediated by Russia and that the map contains the main points on how to protect areas of north and east Syria.


In an interview Hawar news agency (ANHA) held with Democratic Autonomous Administration's chancellor, Bedran Çiya Kurd, he revealed discussions that took place between them and Russian Foreign Ministry.

Bedran Çiya Kurd said at the beginning of his speech that the meeting brought together the Democratic Autonomous Administration and the Russian Foreign Ministry on 14 December, "The meeting touched upon the Turkish threats on the north and east area of Syria and how to organize joint efforts to stop these threats. The meeting also touched upon the Syrian-Syrian dialogue and the reasons for its stumbling, and also how Russia can play an important role in the dialogue between Autonomous Administration and Damascus."

He pointed out that "on this basis, was presented a roadmap to start a dialogue mediated by Russia and the map contains the main points on how to protect the areas of north and east of Syria according to a comprehensive defense system of Syria from external threats and how to make Autonomous Administration and constitutional inclusion of all rights of constituents constitutionally within a unified Syria and the way of distribution of economic wealth in a fair manner to all Syrians. "

And added "The Foreign Ministry, in turn, has affirmed its readiness to work together to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria, and it is very important that it plays a role in dialogue between Damascus and Democratic Autonomous Administration and take this very seriously."

Badran noted that the Foreign Ministry will have a special plan in relation to the proposals that were put forward to communicate with Damascus, and that a new dialogue phase could begin, and that dialogue is the basis for resolving all outstanding issues in Syria, Including Autonomous Administration in North and East Syria, which fought terrorism bravely."

At the end of his speech, Democratic Autonomous Administration's chancellor, Bedran Çiya Kurd said that the Foreign Ministry looks forward to the American withdrawal to be a strong impetus in reaching a sound and rapid solution in Syria."



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