Russian intelligence confirms Syrian mercenaries, Turkish intelligence participation in Karabakh battles

The Head of Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, Sergey Naryshkin, stated that the partner intelligence in the Middle East helped Moscow to obtain information about Syrian mercenaries and Turkish intelligence participation in Karabakh battles.

Sergey Naryshkin said in an interview reported by Russia Today: "We have accurate information about terrorists presence in the combat zone in Karabakh region from the Middle East, primarily from Syria."

Naryshkin added: "We receive this information from several countries, various sources and various partners, and the partner agencies in the Middle East and the Near East."

In the same context, Naryshkin confirmed the participation of Turkish intelligence in Karabakh conflict, and said: "We feel the work of the Turkish intelligence, and see certain elements of this work."

Earlier, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said: "The process of Turkey’s transfer of Syrian mercenaries is ongoing, as the number of Syrian mercenaries who have been transferred to Azerbaijan to participate in Karabakh battles has reached at least 2,350 mercenaries; 231 of whom were killed in the battles and 320 has returned after they have given up everything.

Clashes erupted between Armenia and Azerbaijan on September 27 despite 3 ceasefire agreements have been declared, but the war is still ongoing due to Turkey's transfer of Syrian mercenaries to Karabakh to fight alongside Azerbaijan.


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