Russian newspaper: Moscow moves to impose economic sanctions on Turkey, including tourism ban

According to a report of Russian newspaper, Moscow will move to impose economic sanctions and "ban tourism in Turkey" if "Turkey launched a new war against Syria after the escalation in Idlib.

The Russian newspaper Komsomo Laskaya Pravda, published a report entitled "Does Turkey stab Russia in Syria from its back again?" in a news about the rising tensions in Syria between Ankara and Moscow, reported that if "Turkey launched a new war against Syria, tourism in Turkey is likely to be banned."

"These clashes between the Turkish and Syrian armies would have happened sooner or later," Said Alexander Coates, noting that the United States is behind recent developments and claiming that Washington is working to get Erdogan and Putin to clash.

Turkey and Russia support a different party to the Syrian war, and in 2018 agreed to establish a "De-escalation" zone, but the escalation is always increasing.

Tensions between Russian-backed regime forces and Turkey and its mercenaries have escalated over the regime's control of important areas of Idlib and Aleppo and the killing of Turkish soldiers.


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