Saleh Muslim: Not recognizing DAA is core problem in solving case ISIS detainees 

Saleh Muslim pointed out that after eradicating IS there must be international recognition of the Kurds and their cause and said" As a result of not accepting the legitimacy of Autonomous Administration in north and east of Syria internationally, so far, they cannot agree on any solution on the file of IS detainees. in order not to be able to resume its activity and intensify their movements again, must accept the legitimacy of Autonomous Administration in recognition of the Kurdish case. "


Hawar news agency (ANHA) has met with the Official Spokesman of the Democratic Union Party Saleh Muslim, about the defeat ofIS , and recent developments in the region.

He said "The struggle against IS will continue, because the sleeper cells of IS, and the mentality they have brought to the region still exists. There are some parties, such as the Turkish state supporting IS mercenaries, the subject of mercenaries in Idlib, has become the subject of Syria in general, even as the center of international conflict, "Turkey is trying today to change the dress of these mercenaries for the world to accept. It is also trying to transfer these mercenaries from Idlib to Afrin.

Kurds who fought against terrorism  

Saleh Muslim noted that the Turkish state was found in IS mercenaries an opportunity to reach its goals, which was unable to reach it during the twentieth century through the Kurds, and continued by saying, "At the beginning of the twentieth century to commit genocide against the Armenians, Roman, Syriac and other components, and the Kurds have also been subjected to many massacres by the Turkish state. They clearly said that they would attack the Kurds, but the Kurds have made great gains. Today they are pioneering in the war against terrorism. We can say that these Kurdish victories are against the Turkish chauvinism. "

Muslim explained that the existence of the Kurds and the democratic nation system must be recognized in official international forums. And added "Because of the lack of recognition of the north and east of Syria, a solution has not yet been developed for detainees of IS mercenaries in north and east of Syria, and many countries say that because of the informal north and east of Syria in international forums, we cannot debate with them on this subject, and because we want to prevent reviving IS again, political solution must be found

'Recognition of the democratic nation will be safeguarding gains

"We cannot maintain our gains, except by recognizing the political system of the democratic nation in Syria and abroad, and here I say that whoever rejects this regime and is hostile to it is the Turkish state," he said.

Turkish crisis' will reveal all the problems

The end of his speech between the Official Spokesman of the Democratic Union Party Saleh Muslim that the victories achieved by the Syrian Democratic Forces are historic victories, concluded by saying: "The stage began in Kobani and today reach Deir –ez-Zor and the resistance made by the Kurds and all components of the region changed the schemes of the Turkish state, which tried to hide its internal crises through the war in Syria, but his efforts in this failed, by the end of Al-Jazeera Tempest  campaign, two big crises will emerge in Turkey. The first is what Turkey will do in Idlib The second is that the internal crises of Turkey, will show, and are visible, and as Turkey is now trying to cover up these crises to the 31 of next March, the date of the elections of local administrations in Turkey, but after the elections, these crises will be exacerbated and visible.



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