Salman Baroud: Caesar's law will be the strongest blow to the Syrian economy

Salman Baroud, the co-chair of the Economic Body of the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria, considered that Caesar's law would be the strongest blow that the Syrian economy would receive if it was applied, calling for excluding the regions of northern and eastern Syria from the regulations to implement this law.


The Syrian regions are awaiting with great concern the implementation of the Caesar Law, this law which was approved by the US Congress and Trump's administration, after a delay that took years, as the law was introduced during the term of former US President Barack Obama.


Caesar's Law is a step that is perhaps the strongest in a series of steps taken by the US administration to impose economic sanctions on the Syrian regime, and it targets any party or country that provides assistance or funding or any form of economic support to the Syrian government.
Hawar news agency (ANHA) held an interview with co-chair of the Economic Body of the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria, Salman Baroud, who talked about economic sanctions, saying" the Syrian conflict contributed to deteriorate the Syrian economic, as well as both of Trump's administration and European Union have imposed economic sanctions contributed to make things worse on Syrian Pound.


“Caesar’s Law is the strongest blow to the Syrian economy.”
Speaking of Caesar's Law, Salman Baroud said" if it was applied, it would be the strongest painful blow for for the Syrian regime and the economy of Syria, where sanctions will affect any international or governmental party or companies dealing with the Syrian government, and will contribute to the deterioration of the already deteriorating economic situation and lead to a severe decline in the value of the Syrian currency. "
Baroud stressed that the living conditions of the people will turn from bad to worse and that the people will be the most affected by this law, which will generate an acute economic crisis.
The co-chair of the Economic Body pointed out that "some traders smuggle large sums of money of foreign currency (dollars) from northern and eastern Syria to other Syrian regions."
"The Mechanism for Implementing Caesar's Law is not yet clear"
Regarding the mechanism for implementing the Caesar’s Law, Salman Baroud stated, “This law is not clear-cut until this moment, but its general framework will be directed directly to prevent any economic dealings with Syria.”
Regarding the possibility of excluding the regions of northern and eastern Syria, Salman Baroud explained, "We are making international contacts with international organizations, the international alliance and the international community in an attempt to exclude the areas of the Autonomous Administration in Northern and Eastern Syria from the application of Caesar's law."
The co-chair of the Economic Body called on the international community to move quickly to save the areas of northern and eastern Syria whose border crossings were completely closed, and they were ignored of any medical assistance with the suspension of humanitarian aid, especially for thousands of people displaced from the areas of Ras Al-Ain / Serêkaniyê and Tel-Abyad / GIRÊ SPî after its occupation by Turkey and its mercenaries.

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