Samarkand mercenaries kidnapped 7 citizens, among them two children in Afrin

Mercenaries of the Samarkand battalion of the Turkish occupation kidnapped 7 citizens, including two children, in the occupied city of Afrin, and the sources confirmed that the condition of some of them was deteriorating as a result of torture.

Afrin canton, after its occupation by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, witness, every day, many kidnappings by mercenary factions.

Private sources from inside the city of Afrin reported to ANHA agency correspondent that the mercenaries of the Samarkand Battalion of the Turkish occupation, two days ago, kidnapped 7 citizens, including two children, from the village of Mazen (Zouk al-Kabeer) of Sherawa district in the occupied canton of Afrin.

According to the sources, the detainees are: "Ahmed Aziz, his son Khaled Aziz, Abdul Karim Hamada, and his son Rizan Hamada, Nizar Shukri Jilo, and the two children have not been identified."

It said that the condition of the young Khaled ibn Ahmed Aziz had deteriorated, and he was transferred to a hospital in the city of Afrin, and that the citizen Abdul Karim Hamada, 65, was in a critical condition, was bedridden, and refused treatment in the occupation hospitals, because of the severe torture.

The source confirmed that the Samarkand mercenaries asked these kidnapped to go to the villa of Ahmed Shafiq Yusef, who turned them to an investigation center in the village of Ruta, in the district of Mobata, under the pretext of cleaning the place out of herbs and rubbish. When they refused, the mercenaries kidnapped them.

The source stated that the kidnapped paid a financial ransom in exchange for their release.



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