Sarokhan congratulated birth of Ocalan on all Kurdish people

The former co-chair of the Executive Council in al-Jazeera Region Abdulkarim Sarokhan congratulated during a speech in a lecture held in the city of Qamishlo the birth of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan on all the Kurdish people and the peoples of the world,  and said that the date of April 4 is the birth of the freedom of peoples and humanity.

On the occasion of the birth of the Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Ocalan on 4 April, Kongra Star organized a lecture on the life of leader Abdullah Ocalan .

The lecture was held at the Zana Hall in the city of Qamishlo, in which hundreds of people from the city took part.

The hall was decorated with pictures of the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan, the Leila Guven, the flags of Kongra Star, MSD and the Democratic Union Party(PYD).

"The Kurdish people have been oppressed and marginalized, but if we compare the present era to the previous era, the Kurdish people have become a difficult card in the world, and it is known by all thanks to the struggle, thought and philosophy of the leader Ocalan," said Abdulkarim Sarokhan.

The administrative in Kongra Star of Qamishlo canton Ghaliya Nejjar praised the role of activist Leyla Guven and the political and Kurdish detainees in raising the pace of struggle and resistance and reaching out to the world to demand the lifting of the isolation of Ocalan.

The lecture concluded with a televised presentation on the life of Ocalan struggle, including some directives of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan to the Kurdish people and oppressed people.



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