SDC held Turkey responsible for Qamishlo attack, assassination of priest Bidoyan

The Syrian Democratic Council held  the Turkish occupation responsible for the terrorist act that struck the city of Qamishlo and the assassination of the priest of the Catholic Church Bidoyan.

The Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) denounced the two explosions that took place in Qamishlo city on Monday, and the assassination of the Catholic Church priest in a statement.

The statement included,

“On Monday, the city of Qamishlo was exposed to two terrorist bombings that killed several people and injured dozens of civilians; the status of many of them was unstable, for which the blood of the Syrian components of Arabs, Syrians, Assyrians and Kurds was mixed, as this terrorist act showed a massage targeting the democratic solution in Syria, represented by the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, and that the cannons of enemies did not differentiate between the partners of one homeland.

The Syrian Democratic Council condemned in the strongest terms this terrorist act, which sought to undermine the gains of our people and the security and stability achieved by the management of this people with its various components themselves, and at the same time denounced their attempt to break the spirit of resistance of our people, which proved to the world that they had a spirit of determination capable of foiling all conspiracies against Syria, its people and its history.

This heinous crime came simultaneously with ISIS’ assassination of the Father Hosib Bidoyan, the pastor of the St. Joseph Armenian Catholic Church in in Qamishlo and his father in addition to wounding  a deacon accompanying him. We condemn this crime and consider it as a systematic continuation of the old Ottoman policy of annihilating peoples, targeting civilians and clergy, threatening the Christian presence, ending the state of diversity and the ethnic, national and religious plurality in the region in favor of stereotyping and factionalism contrary to the culture of our regions, and prevailing hate speech among its categories.

While we express sincere condolences to the families of the victims and martyrs and the speedy recovery to the wounded, we call upon our people to do everything necessary to thwart the plan of the enemies of mankind and provide the utmost assistance to the relevant institutions of the Autonomous Administration. We call on the international community and the United Nations to act quickly, show a firm position on the crimes of the Turkish occupation army and the criminal factions affiliated to it in addition to disclosing the crime of demographic change of our regions.


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