SDF besieges IS' mercenaries

SDF has besieged IS' mercenaries in the last stronghold in al-Baguz village at a time when the United States, France, Britain and Germany have confirmed their rejection of a military solution in Syria.


On Saturday morning, The Arab newspapers touched upon the latest developments in al-Baguz village and the extradition of a number of children to France.

Al-Sharqa al-Awsat: Last IS' pocket is besieged, US expects an imminent ending of the battels against IS

On the Syrian issue, al-sharq al-Awsat newspaper touched upon the latest developments in al- Baguz and said, "SDF Arab-Kurdish fighters have consolidated their positions around IS' last pocket in eastern Syria, waiting for the exit of more trapped members inside," while the US envoy James Jeffrey said, "IS only has a few hundreds of fighters and less than a square kilometer of land under their control in the last stronghold in Syria although it may have between 15,000 and 20,000 armed supporters in Syria and Iraq.

IS last elements have become near of total defeat in al-Baguz at the time when the US renewed its rejection of what it called "military solution" backed by Russia and Iran in Syria according to a joint statement issued on Friday by Germany, France and the United Kingdom. The statement included, "The military solution that the Syrian regime hopes to achieve, with the support of Russia and Iran, will not bring about peace." The only way to end violence and economic difficulties as well as to ensure a lasting settlement of the conflict is the negotiated political solution. Only the political solution can provide the necessary guarantees for all components of the Syrian society as well as Syria's neighbors."

The statement issued on the occasion of spending eight years on the Syrian conflict added, "The governments of France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States reiterate their support for the UN-led operation in Geneva and United Nations Security Council's resolution 2254 to establish a peaceful and stable Syria and to consolidate gains achieved through the liberation of territories from IS."

Al-Hayat: SDF denies delivering IS' Iraqis to Baghdad, Washington confirms its continuation to fight IS' Ideology

Al-Hayat newspaper published that the American envoy in charge of Syria's file James Jeffrey said that the battle to end the last pocket of IS' organization east of the Euphrates is imminent, but the battle will continue against IS' ideology, and he estimated the number of their supporters in Syria and Iraq by 15-20 thousand.

This coincided with the declaration of the Syrian Democratic Forces to continue the battles against IS in al-Baguz village east of Syria, and denied information about an agreement with the Iraqi government to hand over members of IS' organization and members of their families who hold Iraqi nationality. Where Russia considered that the best solution to the problem of foreign militants within IS lies in their extradition to the regime.

Al-Quds al-Arabi: French Foreign Ministry: We have received a number of IS fighters' children in Syria

Al-Quds al-Arabi newspaper published on Friday that France had received a number of IS fighters' children from camps in northeastern Syria, adding that France had received a number of children whose age does not exceed five years.

The French Foreign Ministry said, "The children have been handed over to the judicial authorities, and their relatives have been informed." The Foreign Ministry called for prosecuting the terrorists and fighters within the ranks of IS in the place where they committed crimes abroad. The statement did not specify how many were handed over and how the handover process took place.



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