"SDF derive their strength from people"

On Saturday, the commanders of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) met with the residents of Selok district villages of Girê Spî / Tel Abyad, and explained to them the latest developments in the region, stressing that they derive their strength from the people.


The meeting was held in coordination with Girê Spî Canton Council in the village of al-Mestour, north of Selok district, in the presence of dozens of people of the villages' in the north of Selok.

The meeting was also attended by the commander Zardasht Fatmi and the commander Rosell Manbij. Zardasht Fatmi, Rosell Manbij and deputy of the joint presidency of Girê Spî Canton Council Sabri Nabi talked spoke during the meeting.

The speakers stressed that SDF derive their strength and morale from the people, pointing to the sit-ins of the people on the border and their great role in influencing the world opinion and their role in thwarting the Turkish plans to strike the revolution of Rojava and northern Syria.

The speakers pointed out that the Turkish occupation state seeks to strike the peoples' fraternity that was found in the areas of northern and eastern Syria thanks to the forces of SDF which expelled IS terrorism from the region.

During the speeches, the speakers stressed the importance of the people's standing beside SDF if Turkey launches any attacks with the aim of occupying the region.

The meeting ended with emphasizing the need to unite and stand in solidarity against the conspiracies that aim to occupy.



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