Serekaniye witnesses fiercest battles tonight

The city of Serekaniye is witnessing the fiercest fighting and clashes on three axes tonight, in which the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries use all kinds of heavy weapons with warplanes bombardment.

The Turkish army and its mercenaries are launching violent attacks on Serekaniye/ Ras al-Ain on Tuesday evening, with artillery and rocket attacks on three axes around the city.

On the eastern side of the city, Al-Sina’a and Al-Hawarneh neighborhoods, and the area surrounding a Serekaniye-Tel Tamer road, witnessed intense shelling and heavy clashes.

On the western side of the city, the area extending from Tel Tamer road to the Turkish border, in addition to the area extending from Tel Halaf road to the Turkish border are bombarded and fierce battles are going on there.

On the northern axis, clashes are taking place in Al-Mahatta neighborhood and extending to Al-Hawarneh neighborhood in the west.

The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries tonight are using all their strength in this attack with intense artillery and rocket shelling from all three sides, with intensive reconnaissance and warplanes bombardment of the city, while the Syrian Democratic Forces are responding to all these attacks.


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