Series of kidnappings continues against civilians in Afrin

Under flimsy pretexts and excuses, the army of the Turkish occupation and its affiliated mercenaries go on kidnapping the civilians in Afrin.

According to a source in Bulbula District,a group of settlers loyal to the mercenaries of the Sultan Murad faction of the Turkish occupation, who were resettled in the village of Qara Guli in the Bulbul district, attacked the Kurdish citizen Zakaria Hussein, on the ground of his son Zakaria quarrel with the children of settlers, with the support of the Sultan Murad faction of the Turkish occupation.

It is stated the same group that attacked and insulted the Kurds in the village previously.

The same source confirmed that village inhabitants' numbers before the Turkish occupation was about 650 families, but only about 70 families left in the village afterwards.

On the other hand, on October 8, Turkish intelligence kidnapped a young man, Haitham Haidar, from the village of Hammam in the Jindersse district, whose fate is unknown until now, and that the young was an English teacher.

Also, on October 14, Turkish intelligence arrested the citizen Walid Mustafa Dike, from the Shia district in the Turkish city of Istanbul, under the pretext of dealing with the Autonomous Administration in the past, without knowing anything about his fate so far.



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