Series of operations against mercenaries of Turkish occupation in Afrin

Afrin Liberation Forces carried out a series of special operations in Afrin and inflicted painful blows on the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation.


Afrin Liberation Forces revealed by a statement details of the series of special operations carried out in Afrin canton, the statement noted:

"Our forces continue to target the Turkish occupation soldiers and their mercenaries, including on 6 and 7 of February, our forces carried out a series of special military operations targeted mercenaries of the Turkish occupation in the areas of Janders and Shirawa of Afrin canton and the detailed information on these operations are as follows:

On  February 6, one of our groups detonated an explosive device in a vehicle carrying the mercenary Ghanem Khalaf, nicknamed Abu al-Hakam, the military commander of Jaish al-Sharqiyah mercenaries in Janders district, where he was wounded and the military vehicle was destroyed.

On  February 6, our forces detonated an explosive device in one of the military vehicles belonging to mercenaries of Ferqet al-Hamza on the road of Basutah village of ​​Shirawa district. Three mercenaries were injured. They were identified as Ali al-Saleh al-Dibs, Ahmad Haboush and Ayham al-Muhammad.

On February 7, our forces carried out a sniper attack on one of the mercenaries of Ferqet al-Hamza in Kimara village of ​​Shirawa district, where he was seriously wounded.

On  February 7, our forces targeted a group of mercenaries of Ferqet al-Hamza of Kafr Nebo village, in ​​Shirawa district, where two mercenaries were wounded."



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