Serêkaniyê council: We rely on our troops to confront Turkish threats

The joint presidency of Serêkaniyê district council have expressed confidence in SDF in confronting Turkish threats, the joint Presidency asserted that threats are affecting all components and not specific parties or personalities.

Turkey is mobilizing its troops off the cantons GIRÊ SPî
 and Kobani in conjunction with threats by Turkish officials to occupy northeastern Syria.

Threats target all the peoples of the region,

The co -chair of Serêkaniyê district council, Faraj Mohammed said that "The whole world and the peoples of the regions of north and east of Syria see the seriousness of the mobilizations of the Turkish occupation army on the border, in order to open the door of military conflict, and launched an attack on the areas of north, east and Syria."

The goal is to eliminate AA

The co –chair of Serêkaniyê district council, said that the goal of the Turkish occupation is "to eliminate the Democratic Autonomous Administration DAA and the democratic project, under which all components of the region coexist and undermine the gains they have achieved."

AEdar Khalil, a member of the Executive Body of the Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM), said in an earlier interview with ANHA that "Turkey seeks through the establishment of the buffer zone to occupy north and east of Syria, and that the depth of 32 km Turkey wants to eliminate AA."

Its goal is to obliterate the identity of the Kurdish people,

Mohammed stressed that Turkey is not hostile to "specific Kurdish people, parties and regions, but its goal is to obliterate the identity of the Kurdish people," calling on "all Kurdish political parties to hold a national conference of Kurdistan, to achieve the hopes and requirements of the Kurdish people."

In the same text, the co-chair of Serêkaniyê district council, Fadiya Ibrahim said that "Turkey is seeking to export its internal problems and political failures and worsen its economic situation abroad through repeated threats against the areas of north and east of Syria,"

We trust our military,

The co-chair deputy of Serêkaniyê district council, Ghazal Barkal, confirmed that they are dependent on themselves and the SDF to confront the Turkish threats.   "As the people of north and east of Syria, we trust ourselves and our military forces that have defeated all the mercenary gangs who have tried to occupy and destroy our regions.



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