Sheikh of clan: this is wall of injustice; the regime must take position

Sheikh of al-Na'im clan described the wall being built by the Turkish occupation in Afrin as "a wall of injustice and aggression." He called on the Syrian regime to take a formal stance on the violations against the Afrin residents and the construction of the wall.

In a blatant violation of international law and the revival of the Ottoman Empire, the Turkish occupation state continues its efforts to annex the Afrin canton to the Turkish territory by building the partition wall in Afrin, amid international silence in general and the Syrian regime in particular.

In this context, the ANHA news agency interviewed Sheikh Hamad Sheik Shehadeh, the leader of the Na'im clan in northern and eastern Syria, who expressed their discontent and denunciation as tribal elders in the north and east of Syria about the Turkish state's violations in Afrin and the building of the separation wall.

At the beginning of his speech, Sheikh Shehadeh denounced the construction of the wall, pointing out that the Turkish occupation aim by the wall to annex Afrin to the Turkish map, as it did in Iskenderun.

"We are demanding that the regime take its stand against the government of Justice and Development," he said. "We demand that all countries of the world, the superpowers and humanitarian and human rights organizations intervene swiftly to save Afrin and prevent the Turkish state from establishing this wall."

"The partition wall that Turkey is building is a wall of injustice and aggression," Shehadeh said.

"We, as tribal dignitaries in the northern and eastern regions of Syria, do not accept these attacks on the Syrian territory. Afrin is a Syrian land that was a safe and good neighborly city. No shots were fired at the Turkish territory," Shehadeh said. It is an integral part of us. "

"We have to use international organizations and nations to stand against Erdogan, who wore the religious cloaks, which is Daesh's black cloak. It was Turkey that passed the mercenary groups into the Syrian territories and territories, so we will not allow the occupiers to divide the Syrian territory." Concluded Sheikh Hamad Sheikh Shehadeh.



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