Shirawa People: "Occupation practices will not affect our resistance, struggle"

Residents of the villages of Shirawa, of Afrin canton, confirmed that the practices of the Turkish occupation will not discourage them from continuing their steadfastness and resistance.

After more than a year and a half  of the Turkish occupation which destroyed and occupied the free Afrin and displaced hundreds of thousands of people from their homes, it is now bombing villages and towns of Shirawa district of Afrin canton and al-Shahba, which received the people of Afrin.

ANHA surveyed the views of the people of Shirawa district who confirmed that their resistance continues till liberating the occupied territories by the fascist Turkey.

The resistance will continue

The citizen Ahmed Mustafa talked about the spirit of steadfastness and resistance among the people and their determination to hold on to their land, and their refusal to get out of it in light of the shelling witnessed, "The occupation will not break our will, we to continue to resist and we will remain steadfast to protect our lands until the last breath."

"We will unite the efforts, and take up arms to protect our land from the terror and occupation," Mustafa added.

In the context of the citizen Zakaria Mohammed that the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation bombed Shirawa villages on a daily basis and target civilians, such actions by Erdogan is only a completion of his plans to displace people from their homes and change the demography of the region.

The citizen Zakaria Mohammed added that the armed groups in the towns of Nebbel and Zahra imposed a siege and are cutting all food supplies to the people of the border villages.

"Even if they built the partition wall in the Syrian territories, these lands were irrigated with the blood of the people of the region, so that we will liberate them sooner or later," Zakaria said.

Afrin is for the Kurds

The citizen Hanifa Berri spoke about the actions of women under the current circumstances by organizing themselves and taking measures when the shelling on their villages intensifies saying that Erdogan knows that he cannot break the will of the Kurds who have struggled for thousands years, and the Kurdish heroes have defended their land for 58 days in front of the fierce attack and heaviest weapons, Afrin is for the Kurds," she added.



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