After the declaration of the Autonomous Administration in al-Jazeera canton, Siham was elected as co-chair of al-Jazeera's Economic and Trade Body, after which she had been elected as a co-chair of the Foreign Relations body in al-Jazeera canton, and during the meeting of the Democratic and Local Autonomous Administrations to form an autonomous administration for north and east Syria for inter-administrations coordination, Siham Qariou was elected as co-chair of the General Council for autonomous administration in north and east Syria, along with lawyer Farid Atti.

Siham Qario said in a meeting with ANHA agency "The establishment of the General Council for Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria came after the great victories achieved by our people and Syrian Democratic Forces in North Syria, which includes all the components of these forces liberated the areas from Tel-Hamis through al-Khobar reaching to al-Raqqa city, it is the only forces that defeated ISIS from Syria."

Siham continued her speech by saying that "the step of establishing the General Council for Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria came after discussions between the self-administrations and the civil councils, which agreed to form the General Administration of North and East Syria to develop the mechanism work and provide all services to citizens in all the fields of life."

Siham stressed that the work and tasks of this department is the coordination between the seven administrations in each of the cantons of al-Jazeera, the Euphrates and Afrin" and the civil councils in al-Tabqa, al-Raqqa, Manbij and Deir ez-Zor to work together to ensure the requirements of the people.

Siham noted when the autonomous administration was announced in the areas of Rojava in 2014, the project faced a lot of reactions and attacks because this project was not successful because it did not correspond to their interests but we have done achievements amid all these attacks, so the share of North Syria was not like other areas and the Syrian provinces of destruction, on the contrary, the people of North Syria with all their forces and will managed to defeat the largest terrorist organization in Syria.

"Syrian Democratic Council represents all components of society in north and east of Syria, and because of its work to serve and represent the people," Siham said. "During the conference of the Syrian Democratic Council, the Syrian Democratic Forces decided to consider them as the political umbrella of their forces, and at its third conference, it decided to form an umbrella for all the democratic and autonomous administration and local councils in north and east of Syria, accordingly, the autonomous administration of north and east Syria was formed during the meeting held on 6 September in Ain Issa

"We hope that this administration will serve as a model for the whole of Syria and the Middle East in managing their own affairs and we believe in the unity of the Syrian territories, our goal is to build a democratic, pluralistic and decentralized society," she said.