Sit-inners: Our activity is message to refuse fascist policy, support strikers' resistance

A number of participants in the sit-in tent expressed the continuation of their supporting activities for the resistance of the hunger strikers, stressing that the sit-in was a rejection of fascist politics and a support for the strikers' resistance.

In support and solidarity with the hunger strikers, Kongra Star in Aleppo organized an event of the sit-in under the slogan "We Will Break the Isolation, Break Fascism and Establish the Democratic Nation," on 5th May, with vast participation of the residents of the neighborhood.

"Our participation in the campaign is a support for the MP Leyla Guven's campaign to lift the isolation and break the fascism. Waiting and standing idly by are not of our tradition, so we will continue our activities and stand in front of the international silence and the world towards the violations of the Turkish occupation," said the participant Zeinab Ali.

The sit-in is a message to reject fascist politics

While the participant, Nethira Hassen Ibrahim, pointed out that the women of the neighborhood supported the campaign of Leyla Guven and the resistance of hunger strikers who had entered the stage of strike until the martyrdom. She said that their participation in the sit-in was a message of rejection of the fascist policy practiced against the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan in Imarli prison.

Nethira Hassen Ibrahim saluted at the end of her speech the resistance of strikers in prisons and outside them, and pledged to continue the struggle and participate in the organized events until achieving their demands and the demands of the resistant people.

In her turn, the citizen, Fatima Mustafa, who participated in the sit-in campaign, explained their solidarity with Leyla Guven, Nasir Yagiz and their comrades in the strike, and said, "It is our duty to follow the footsteps of those who have become role models for the peoples."



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