Some parties want to hinder unity steps

The co-chair of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) branch in al-Hasakah canton, Hussein Berri, criticized the Kurdish parties that hinder the unification of the Kurdish ranks and called on them to correct their course to serve the Kurdish cause.

The Kurdistan National Congress seeks to unite the Kurdish ranks through meetings and conferences with various Kurdish parties, while the Kurds face existential threats by many regional powers, especially the Turkish state.

In parallel, the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) branch in Rojava held meetings with all political parties on the scene, with the aim of getting everyone to sit at the same table without any preconditions.

On this issue, the Hawar news agency (ANHA) met with the co-chair of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) in the canton of al-Hasakah Hussein Berri, who said at the outset of his speech, "We are working from the beginning for freedom and unity and to rid our people of darkness and murder."

Berri added: "Basically we want the unity of the Kurdish description of the four parts of Kurdistan, because we are a movement working for all the people," and continued, "There are some Kurdish parties that are not up to the level of parties that meet the demands of its people and unity."

Berri criticized the parties that move according to a tribal perspective, saying: "In north Kurdistan, and because there is no umbrella for the unity of Kurdish parties, or any Kurdish unitary ideology, and because they relied on tribal thought, the first party, which was founded in 1957 and became more than 35 parties." "But since our foundation, we want the unity of the Kurdish row because by unity we win and work according to the requirements of the Kurdish people."

Berri explained: "The Turkish occupation stands against the Kurdish issue for hundreds of years, unfortunately some of these parties are allied with Turkey, and help the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries every step they take," adding: "Our revolution continues, and we invite these parties to join us and work hand in hand, and be with each other some are at this sensitive stage to preserve the interest of the Kurdish people. "

In a related context, pointed out the Democratic Union Party member Abdul Ghani Shweesh, that: "The Kurdish people of the people who suffered from killing, genocide and displacement, the Kurdish people have been united for a long time, the parties did not unite."

"Some Kurdish parties do not want the unity of the Kurdish ranks. We know very well the decisions of these parties come out by Recep Tayyip Erdogan."

Shweesh pointed out that: "Some Kurdish parties that helped the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries to occupy Afrin and displace their people, are now in Turkey, these parties in particular have a hand in the occupation of Afrin and the killing and destruction that took place."

He said "Some parties claim to seek Kurdish unity, but we remember their opposition to Kurdish language schools. How will they work for Kurdish unity?"

We are not waiting for the people who sold themselves to the enemy, these parties, if given the opportunity, will disrupt these big steps that we have worked on."



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