Son of former head of al-Shadadi tribes' council assassinated

Ali Suleiman al-Darwish was assassinated at dawn today, and his father, Suleiman al-Darwish, former head of al-Shadadi Tribes Council, was injured.

Unidentified assailants on two motorcycles attacked the house of Suleiman al-Darwish, former head of al-Shadadi Tribes Council and the clan of the Mahasin clan, at approximately 04:00, they opened fire at him and his son Ali, who were in the house

According to Hawar news agency ANHA correspondent from al-Shadadi, Ali Darwish lost his life from his wounds, while his father Suleiman al-Darwish was shot several times.

The Internal Security Forces opened an investigation after they imposed a security cordon on the house of the slain and al-Shadadi district.

It should be noted that the assassinations and bombings increased in the recent period coincided with the Turkish attack on areas of the north and east, especially by ISIS sleeper cells.



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