Status quo requires redoubling efforts to resolve the crisis through dialogue""

Members of the Women's Committee of the Future Syria Party-al-Shahba branch, pointed out that the sleeping cells of Daesh mercenaries, not prosecuting Daesh mercenaries, in addition to the Turkish occupation of Syrian territory, hinder the political solution and contribute to destabilizing security and stability.

In the context of the military elimination of Daesh mercenaries on the Syrian soil, by the Syrian Democratic Forces, and the transfer of the Syrian crisis into a new turning point, the Hawar News Agency met with members of the Women's Committee of the Future Syria Party in al-Shahba.

"After fighting Daesh and making the most precious sacrifices, those mercenaries ended militarily from the geography of northern and eastern Syria," said Esraa Ibrahim, deputy head of the party's Women's Committee. "This victory can show the strength and will of Syrian Democratic Forces in the fight against Daesh."

Esraa noted that the presence of sleeper cells and the lack of greater efforts in the trial of mercenaries held by the Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria, in addition to the occupation of the Turkish aggression on the territory of Syria from Jarablus to Afrin hamper the new stage of the Syrian crisis, which is the Syrian dialogue and political solution.

Israa stressed that the status quo requires redoubling efforts, particularly after the military elimination of Daesh mercenaries, it will work through sleeper cells to destabilize the security of the region.

A member of the Future Syria Party-al-Shahba branch, Iman Alo praised the efforts and sacrifices made by Syrian Democratic Forces to defeat mercenaries, and called on the Syrian people to unite and resolve the crisis through Syrian-Syrian dialogue.

Iman said that the Turkish occupation state is the only one that supported Daesh mercenaries and sent them to Syria to create strife between the components of the one homeland and called on the international community to hold Turkey accountable.

She ended her speech by pointing out that Daesh mercenaries those who oppressed and humiliated women in their areas of occupation and practiced the most heinous crimes against them, they were weakened by the will of women and Women's Protection Units until they ended up wearing the black veil they imposed on women for fear of facing defeat.


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