Strenuous efforts to curb spread of ISIS ideology within al-Hol camp

Al-Hol camp’s administration seeks to limit the spread of ideology of the Islamic State-promoted by ISIS women as they are teaching their children extremist ideology, through schools that have opened several educational and recreational projects.

Al-Hol camp’s administration in al-Jazeera in the north and east of Syria is working hard to create conditions for the camp's 71,000 population, particularly to curb the spread of extremist ideas still held by ISIS mercenaries and their children.

The camp, located 45 kilometers east of al-Hasakah city in al-Jazeera canton, is one of the largest camps in the north and east of Syria, and is home to 71 people ranging from the displaced and refugees to the families of ISIS mercenaries who surrendered to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) after the liberation of the last strongholds of ISIS mercenaries in the town of Baghouz.

In the past, Al-Hol camp has witnessed several extreme cases where an Indonesian woman, Soder Minni, about 30 years old, was found murdered by ISIS mercenaries in June 27. Besides, two ISIS women killed an Iraqi young man at the camp in September 5.

In order to limit the recurrence of these phenomena and the spread of the mentality of ISIS, which is promoted within the camp by ISIS women through indoctrinating children with extremist ideology, especially within the sectors of the families of foreign ISIS mercenaries, the administration of al-Hol camp works by all means to reduce the entrenchment and deepening of that thought through several projects. In addition to holding awareness sessions by some organizations and associations working in the camp in coordination with the administration of the camp.

16 schools opened within the camp

In order to rehabilitate the children of al-Hol camp, especially the children of ISIS mercenaries, the administration of al-Hol camp opened 16 schools, including about 5,000 children, going on three shifts a day and receive curricula prepared by UNICEF.

In addition, the administration of al-Hol camp opened a 2,000-square-meter public park within the third sector, and is now seeking to provide all its requirements such as games, seats, and planting trees.

As part of the recreational projects carried out by the management of the camp within the camp, 17 grassy fields were opened for football, in addition to the opening of 5 basketball courts, all of which are equipped with all the main necessities, which is destination for hundreds of young people and children of the camp.

The official of the services office in al-Hol camp, Shavan Ahmed, explained that the aim of the projects implemented by the camp’s administration is to remove extremist thought from the minds of children and provide educational opportunities for children and camp residents.

On the most important obstacles facing the administration of the camp at present, Shavan Ahmed noted that families of ISIS foreign mercenaries not only prevent children from going to school, but also prevent the entry of awareness and recreation committees.

Al-Hol camp is divided into seven sectors, where Iraqi refugees who fled the oppression of ISIS mercenaries during their attack on the Iraqi city of Mosul in 2014 are divided into three sectors (1, 2 and 3), and the fourth sector is inhabited by the internally displaced people in the Syrian areas (Aleppo, Homs, Deir Ezzor, Idlib, Raqqa and Tabqa). While 5, 6 and 7 are allocated for the families of ISIS mercenaries, in addition to a private sector called (immigrant women) where foreign ISIS mercenaries live.



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