​​​​​​​Symposium in al-Raqqa countryside of about new Ottomans' ambitions, march in al-Tabqa to recall martyr Hevrin

Under the slogan "To Where Ottoman Expansionist Ambitions?" the Future Syria Party held a dialogue seminar in al-Jadeedat town in al-Raqqa eastern countryside, in which it clarified the aspirations of the Turkish occupation state and urged the need for the society's cohesion to repel these ambitions, while al-Tabqa branch organized a march in commemoration of the martyr Hevrin Khalaf.

Dozens of residents of al-Raqqa eastern countryside and members of civil institutions, in addition to a number of the clan's sheikhs and notables of the region attended the symposium held in the People's Assembly in al-Jadeedat town.

The symposium began with holding a minute of silence, after which a speech delivered  by the Deputy Head of the Future Syria Party - al-Raqqa branch, Zuleikha Abdi, in which she reviewed the Ottoman Empire's massacres committed against the peoples of the region in the past and which have lasted until this moment by their descendants in efforts to restore ancient glories.

During her speech, Zuleikha Abdi noted that it is necessary  for the Syrian people in general and the people of northern and eastern Syria in particular to stand in solidarity with each other to confront the ambitions of the Turkish occupation in the region.

During the symposium, the people expressed their gratitude to the Syrian Democratic Forces which liberated them from the Ottomans' clutches, and confirmed that they will stand against any occupation that targets the region's security and safety.


In al-Tabqa, under the slogan "To Defeat the Occupation, Struggle for Peace," the Future Syria Party - al-Tabqa branch organized a massive march in which dozens of al-Tabqa people and members of civil, military institutions participated to commemorate the martyr Hevrin Khalaf, and call on the international community to bring the perpetrators who assassinated her to trial and obtain their fair punishment.

The march began in front of the Women Administration's building in the Second neighborhood of al-Tabqa city towards the Martyr Hevrin Khalaf Park in the Third neighborhood of the city, during which they carried the pictures of the martyr Hevrin Khalaf and the flags of the Future Syria Party and the Syrian Democratic Forces..

During the march, the participants planted a number of trees in the park, chanting slogans that glorify the martyrs and salute the Syrian Democratic Forces' resistance.



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