The Syria Future Party held the first massive meeting with the people of al-Kasrat area to listen to the problems of the people and to give solutions to them.

The members of the councils, communes, and dozens of people of al-Kasrat, the head of the Syria Future Party Ibrahim al-Qaftan, and the party's members in al-Raqqa attended the meeting.

The meeting began with holding a minute of silence, and it was followed by the speech of the general head of the Syria Future Party Ibrahim al-Qaftan who began his speech by introducing the party and the importance of joining the people to this party, and the role of the party to hold dialogues with the European countries to solve the Syrian crisis.

Al-Qaftan said that the party will work to compromise the conditions of prisoners who were in the ranks of IS mercenaries, and the party also has the task of correcting the mistakes in all the civil institutions in al-Raqqa and its countryside.

And then, the way was opened to the people to ask their questions and share their views in this meeting, and all the questions were oriented towards the work that the party would conduct to change Syria towards the better, and the questions also focused on the policies pursued by the foreign countries and some regional powers in the Syrian territories.

In conclusion, al-Qaftan answered all the citizens' questions and queries and said, "Our party is only two months old, but we will strive to help the people of al-Raqqa and its countryside."