Syrian Politician: Safe area according to Turkish vision is inapplicable

A member of the Political Authority of the Syrian Democratic Patriotic Alliance Party, Aziz Aboud, said that the "safe area" according to the Turkish vision is an inapplicable, distant dream because of the popular rejection and Turkey's inability to establish it separately from regional countries that reject Turkey's repeated demands.

The speech of Aziz Aboud, the member of the Political Authority of the Syrian Democratic Patriotic Alliance Party Aziz Aboud made a statement to Hawar News Agency, he talked about the Turkish policy and "safe area" that Turkey is trying to impose in the region, striking out the international laws and popular demands that reject the idea.

"Ankara is seeking to implement its ambitions by establishing what it calls the safe zone and looking for help from anyone," Al-Aboud said. "But the divergence of views among the main players in Syria, especially between America and Turkey over the shape of the safe zone, apparently prompted the latter to go to Moscow to win their support in this effort in the Syrian north and blackmailing the international community by moving forward with the S-400 missiles and provoking issue the safe area to pressure and cover the impasse in the Syrian Idlib region."

 "Turkey is striking out international laws and ignoring the Syrian popular rejection of any Turkish interference in the Syrian territory because it is an occupying state for a large part of Syrian territory."

Al-Aboud noted, "Turkey is at a dangerous crossroads, as it is required to resolve its options for change in its policies, especially on the external level.

From the point of view of Aziz al-Aboud, the so-called safe zone is "an American trick", he explained, "Doubtlessly, the safe area is an American idea from the beginning and was intended to mix the papers and avoid the negative effects of the decision to withdraw from Syria, and to cause tension between the allies of "Sochi" Turkey and Russia, and the partners of the team "Astana" to which Iran joins.

He pointed out that "Turkey cannot establish an area in Syria in the absence of international consensus and the escalation of public rejection of Syria in general and in the north-east of Syria in particular and furthermore the situation of stability, security and service and economic recovery in this region, all this embarrass Turks at the international level and the Turkish interior that is preoccupied with the critical economic situation and the activation of US sanctions and the Turkish popular resentment of the policy of the ruling party. "

"The Turkish regime wants to blackmail and pressure the idea of the safe zone, and this is in contrast to its difficult situation in the Syrian Idlib region," he said.

He pointed out that "the regions of north and east of Syria are the most secure, economically and socially stable areas and its people who have saved the world from the greatest types of terrorism. They will never accept the Turkish pretexts invoked under the cover of national security to find preliminary pretexts to occupy other areas of Syria under the pretext of national security."

"To date, there has been no attack on the Turkish territory from our region. On the contrary, Turkey is an occupying country of the Syrian territory and has aided in the flow and supplying terrorism, and openly before the eyes of the entire world." concluded Aziz Aboud.



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