Syrian Revolutionary Youth insist continuing its struggle against the Turkish occupation

The Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement indicated that the Turkish state aims to restore the Ottoman dreams and expand in the region, and stressed that their struggle will continue against it, in a statement.

The Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement released a statement to the public in al-Awda camp in the district of Sherawa in Afrin canton, in the presence of dozens of Kurds and Arabs youth from Afrin and al-Shahba.

The statement was read in Arabic by a member of the movement Shaheen Jekdar and in Kurdish, member of the movement Asma Khalil. The statement said:

"With the entry of the Syrian crisis in its eighth year and the beginning of its ninth year, we see that the Syrian file is becoming more complicated at all levels within the geographical area among regional and international countries according to their interests in Syria. Since Turkey decided to intervene directly in the Syrian crisis in 2016, the Turkish project has been crystal clear to us. The Turkish project is not a war on a party or a preemptive step to protect Turkey's national security. It is a geographical and demographic war within the framework of an expansionist project to re-establish the so-called new Ottoman state.

Turkey is perpetuating its crime against humanity through genocide, arrests, killings and displacement, until it resurrects its Ottoman project by Turkification of the occupied territories, tampering with the culture of the peoples and trampling the conscience of the people in the minds of our people. All these things take place before the eyes of the world. Shame on these states that see themselves defend human fights and the culture of the people and they remain silent until Turkey continued its inhuman work and the restoration of the Ottoman Empire, as it is building border posts in the occupied villages in Sherawa area, these so-called Ottoman gendarmes, but the world's dirtiness did not cut Turkey's hands because of its economic interests, and that the capitalist forces do not care about the culture and rights of the people.

We, as Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement, pledge our people in the occupied territories to continue fighting until the liberation of all these areas."

The statement ended with slogans denouncing Turkish violations.


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