Syrian tribes' forum is proof of Syrians' fraternity, rejection of occupation of their country

Both the tribal sheikh of al-Bakara and the notable of the tribe of al-Mujadema stressed that the Syrian clans forum was a guide of brotherhood, cohesion, strong ties among the Syrian people with all components, and their rejection of colonial schemes aimed at undermining the Syrian territorial integrity.

On Friday, the Syrian clans' forum was held under the slogan "The Syrian Clans Protect the Community and their Social Contract" under the auspices of the Syria Democratic Council (SDC), with attendance of thousands of tribal figures, institutions of Civil and Autonomous Administration, political parties and Syrian Democratic Forces' commanders, as they stressed the unity and rejection of the Turkish occupation of the Syrian areas.

On the margin of the forum, our agency, Hawar news agency's (ANHA) correspondents held an interview with the sheikh of al-Bakara clan Hajim al-Bashir and the notable al-Mujadema clan Faisal al-Salem, both of them talked about the forum and the message from which was directed.

Sheikh of al-Bakara clan Hajim al-Bashir has stressed, "The Syrian clans' forum was generally good, where all the components met, and this is hard proof of the fraternity, cohesion and strength of the connection among the Syrian people with all components."

Pointing out that "the AA is working to study some of the other demands that were submitted by us on behalf of the people who assigned us in this task."

In the same context, the notable of al-Mujadema clan Faisal al-Salem said that the forum highlighted the cohesion of society and stressed the stand against the occupation in all its forms from the Golan to Afrin, noting that "Syria will remain united for all the Syrian people with all components and sects."

Turkey held several meetings with the Syrian Arab clans and tribes' sheikhs whose aim was to implement the Turkish state's occupying and colonial agendas, mobilize against the northern and eastern regions of Syria and spread the distinction among the components.

In this regard, Faisal al-Salem said, "The tribes that fought Daseh terrorism are the owners of the land and the decision," directing a message to those who have been tempted by Turkey with awareness and understanding of what Turkey is trying to do using them to spread sedition among the people of the region living peacefully in their homeland.



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