Syrian woman, her mother found killed in Turkey

On Thursday, Turkish police found a Syrian woman and her mother killed in the Turkish state of Bursa.

According to several media outlets, Turkish police found a woman and her mother, who are from Syrian origins, murdered in the Zemrud Aflar neighborhood of Yildirim belonging to Turkish state of Bursa.

The media outlets reported that the police raided a house in a building after receiving a complaint about hearing a scream in the house, where the body of a woman was found killed where her hands and legs were tied, and her name is Hayat Mashael.

When the police searched around the house, another woman was found dead in the bedroom, she was the mother of Hayat Mashael.

According to media reports, witnesses said they saw Hayat Mashael's husband fleeing from the window of the house before the police arrival.

The media reported that Hayat Mashael's husband admitted that he killed them, and stole the gold in the house.

According to the forensic report, they were killed by a rope, that is they were suffocated.



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