The displaced in Arisha camp call on orgs to aid

The displaced people of Arishah camp held a stand in protest against the failure of organizations to carry out their humanitarian duties in the camp for months before the UNHCR and the headquarters of the organizations in the camp.

Hundreds of women, men and children from Arisha camp, south of Al-Hasakah, protested on Wednesday, carrying banners reading "We want aid for the month of Ramadan. I have no hand in the sinking of the camp. We want cash for the remaining two months. Is there any answer to our request? How old is the tent in your criteria? Where are human rights in regard to decent living?

"The camp was flooded because of the rain. We have tents that are two years old. We demand a change of tents. Four families are living in one tent," said Hamdan Ahmed al-Hamash from Deir ez-Zor. But they do not respond to us, as we have the demands of the organizations for six months but to no avail. "

"The organizations stopped giving us money without telling us why, so debts accumulated. I am one of the shop owners in the camp. We receive the month of Ramadan and we do not have the money to buy supplies for the holy month. We are displaced and the United Nations and the organizations claiming to be humanitarian must take care of us, but we do not see anything of their humanity, we just see the staff wearing jackets with mottos on them, and we wish to apply these mottos that they claim to represent. "

For his part, said Abdul Baqi Mohi al-Attiyah, "The crisis we are going through is a catastrophic, only the Autonomous Administration and the camp's administration in the area of ​​Arisha provide aid to us and the Internal Security Forces helped us as much as possible, we are grateful and will not forget their virtue because it is a humanitarian work," adding that the organizations have not given them detergents for nearly a month and a half, unfortunately.

Al-Attiyah concluded by saying, "We ask the people with conscience to look at the tragic situation in which these people live."


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