“The emptiness of Turkey's complaints against Syrian Kurds”

US plans to help the Turkish army enter self-administered areas of northeastern Syria are a terrible idea "because Turkey's grievances against the Kurds are unfair," says an analysis of the Washington Examiner magazine by former Pentagon writer and official Michael Rubin.

"The Kurdish region in Syria is the most stable and secure area in the country," said Michael Rubin, a researcher at the American Enterprise Institute.

" he Kurds almost single-handedly defeated al Qaeda and then the Islamic State at a time when both received support from the Turkish intelligence service and members of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s family, if not Erdoğan himself. Kurdish forces allied with the United States when Turkey sought to undermine the U.S. position.”

"No matter what the Kurds think, their determination and sacrifice must be treated as an international public interest; they have stopped and destroyed one of the most dangerous killing groups the modern world has ever known." The Turks, by contrast, have not contributed to this endeavor. "

The United States, Turkey and the Syrian Kurds are now in the early stages of establishing a safe zone in northern and eastern Syria. “Before making any further concessions, US officials must consider the accuracy of Turkish grievances against the Kurds are real,” Rubin urged.

One Turkish complaint is that Kurdish forces in Syria are using the region as a safe haven for attacks on Turkey. But the Rojava Information Center, a Syrian Kurdish research center, has just released a database of attacks across the Turkish-Syrian border this year.

All attacks from Turkey towards Syrian territory have been carried out, according to Rubin, and heavy weapons and rockets fired by Turkey have killed 27 civilians, including a child. As for the attack from northeast Syria to Turkey, the perpetrator was arrested by the SDF.

"The safe area in order to intimidate the Kurds and not be used by Ankara for false grievances to justify its imperialism is the biggest threat to the region," Rubin said.

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