The People’s Defense Forces annihilate 16 occupation soldiers in Haftanin

In a statement on Tuesday (14 July), the People’s Defense Forces (HPG) said that Guerrilla fighters and women fighters of the Free Women Units (YJA-Star) carried out a series of operations against the Turkish occupation army, in the context of the "Haftanin battle", which resulted in killing at least 16 Turkish soldiers."

The statement pointed out that Guerrilla fighters continue their "heroic" resistance in the face of the military attacks launched by the Turkish occupation army in the areas of Haftanin belonging to the legitimate defense areas (Medya), and in this context the statement said: "On the morning of Sunday, violent clashes erupted between our forces and units Turkish military forces in the territory of 'Khantur', we had published preliminary information about in our statement yesterday.. In the details of the clashes, our fighters surprised a gathering of enemy soldiers near the hill of 'Martyr Rojin Koda' with a rapid operation that killed 5 Turkish soldiers and wounded another soldier. The occupation army attacks with artillery and missile shelling, as well as air strikes launched by warplanes in the same area, during which the companion of our path, 'Rustam', was martyred after he fought the enemy soldiers with unprecedented valor.

The statement added: "From 07:50 until 16:30 of the same day, our fighters carried out separate sniper operations against Turkish occupation army units in the vicinity of Dubeshk hill, killing 5 Turkish soldiers.

At 08:00, the “Martyr Dalal” units for air defense carried out two separate operations against Turkish military units in the vicinity of the “Qurtal” hill, we could not know the results of the operations.

At 08:30, our forces targeted a gathering of Turkish occupation soldiers near the hilltop "Martyr Juana and Martyr Serfiraz" with sniper operations that killed two soldiers.

At 15:00, our fighters carried out a rapid operation against Turkish military units near Kordenah Hill, which resulted in the death of an occupation army soldier.

In the hours of Monday morning, 13 July, Guerrilla fighters targeted soldiers from the enemy army, who were stationed in the vicinity of the hill "Martyr Berivan" and "Tubba Tunil" with sniper operations that killed 3 Turkish soldiers.

Our statement that we published yesterday had referred to fights and violent clashes between our forces and Turkish military units in the vicinity of the region of 'Bictoria', in which our fighters managed to inflict painful strikes on the occupation army that launched attacks with artillery and air strikes, in which the comrades of our training were killed 'Ozan, Zainab, Gever and Soresh' after they showed heroic resistance against the enemy soldiers.

The statement of the People’s Defense Forces indicated that the Guerrilla fighters continue their military operations against the Turkish occupation army as part of a campaign of revenge for the martyr Media Mawa and the martyr Rizgar Gever, where they "launched a rapid attack on the vicinity of the 'Sivagh' barracks in the district of Bakok, in Mardin region, where they managed to destroy military berms, without knowing the number of dead or wounded."

The statement pointed to a military operation carried out by Guerrilla fighters, in the night hours of the day of July 5, during which they targeted the "Mandein" barracks in the Alpak district of Wan district, and the operation resulted in the killing of a Turkish soldier "while the Turkish occupation army rushed to launch military attacks in surrounding the villages of Lisk, Khojta and Bezek, the occupation forces stormed the homes of the villagers and spread terror among them ... while the process continues until the time of preparing this statement.

The statement noted the air strikes by Turkish warplanes on the legitimate defense areas (Medya), yesterday, Monday, 13 July, as follows:

At 12:20, warplanes bombarded lands around the village of Bashiri and the plains of “kolca” in the area of ​​“Matina”.

At 13:00 and 17:30, Turkish warplanes bombed the lands of "Seyda" in the "Zap" district.

At 17:30, Turkish warplanes bombed the territory of "Marfanos" in the "Avashin" district.

The statement stressed that there were no casualties among the Guerrilla fighters during these air strikes.

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