​​​​​​​They kill us and burn nature

Father of the injured young Suleiman Jamil Ibrahim condemned the violations of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries and their burning of agricultural crops.

"In the afternoon hours, we were sitting in our homes when we saw thick smoke, to realize that there is a fire in the villages of Kabashin and Burj Haidar in Sherawa district. It was caused by the mercenaries stationed in the village of Burj Haidar," Jamil Ibrahim said.

"As a result, all the villagers, including the youth, rushed to extinguish the flames as they approached our lands. I and my two sons were trying to put out the fire," Jamil added.

Jamil added: "As we were busy putting out the fire, my son told me, as he moved away from me, that he would bring more water, and he became about 30 meters away from me until we heard the sound of a mortar whistling passing from above to fall very close to my son and he was seriously injured."

Jamil denounced the mercenaries’ violations against them, "They did not stop occupying our lands and regions until they started practicing the policy of starvation against us, killing us and burning nature."

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