"They threatened to kill us if we did not get out" .. A displaced woman from Tall Abyad tells

The mercenary groups of the Turkish occupation army quickly began to change the demographics of the newly occupied areas in the north-east of Syria, and what happened with the elderly (H, O) confirms this.

(H,O) at 50 a resident from Gire Spi city/ Tel Abyad that the mercenary groups of the Turkish occupation army in Tel Abyad do not mind the return of the people to their homes there, which led her to think to go to her house to bring some of the property that she could not get them out with the start of the Turkish invasion.

However, when she went with her elderly husband, the scene was different. The mercenary families lived in her house, which was emptied of everything she had.

Worse still, they were threatened by mercenary groups. The mercenaries told them they would be killed if they did not get out of the town of Gire Spi/ Tel Abyad in a few hours.

(H, O) lives with her family of 11 in Sheeran district, east of Kobani, after she was forced to flee her city after being bombarded by the Turkish occupation army.

"We couldn't bring anything out of our possessions," she says. "Even the clothes we didn't bring, we left everything behind to save the lives of our children."

She points out that Kurdish homes are full of families of ISIS mercenaries from Deir Ezzor and other Syrian areas.

At the end of her speech, (H, O) calls on human rights organizations and the international community to remove the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries from their areas to return to their homes.

According to the Social Affairs and Labor Commission in the Euphrates region, 924 families from the town of Gire Spi / Tel Abyad and their villages have been displaced to Kobani and its villages after the Turkish attack on that area.

Thousands of displaced people arrived in Ain Issa, Tabqa and Raqqa. The Autonomous Administration opened a camp last week in Tal al-Samen village north of Raqqa.



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