"Those behind recent bombings see DAA experience a threat to their tyranny"

The Syrian Modernity and Democracy Party denounced in a statement the "terrorist bombings" that hit al-Hasakah and Qamishlo yesterday, and described those behind them as "those who see the experience of the Democratic Autonomous Administration(DAA) as a threat to their tyranny and racism, as its success has disturbed them at all levels."

"In a new targeting of our democratic society in all its components, several terrorist bombings yesterday hit our safe cities in the areas of Democratic Autonomous Administration, targeting the cities of Hasakah and Qamishlo specifically, and we in Syrian Modernity and Democracy Party strongly condemn these terrorist bombings, and emphasize that they were not only aimed at terrorizing people and harming their lives and capabilities, but also wanted to undermine their will and support for the project of DAA and to kill hope in the spirit of the components tested for the first time in modern history the values of shared life, women's respect and the democratic transition in its widest forms and representations.

Regardless of who is responsible for these bombings, whether they are terrorist Daesh or agents of local or regional forces who see the experience of the Democratic Autonomous Administration as a threat to their tyranny and racism, those who are appalled by the extraordinary success the components, forces and DAA institutions achieved at all levels.

Therefore, the Syrian Modernity and Democracy Party considers that the occurrence of such crimes in northern Syria and East Euphrates will only consolidate the insistence of the components of these areas on supporting the project of democratic society and democratic modernity, which progress steadily and confidently, and that whoever is concerned with the siege of terrorism and uprooting terrorism and undermining its environment from the international parties, which consider the achievement of regional and international security as strategic objectives that should not be touched. All of these will increase their determination to support the areas of East Euphrates and northern Syria in order to produce their own history, which contributes to the birth of Syria as a decentralized and democratic country that respects the rights of its citizens. Dignity and honor of their will, thereby contributing to the creation of regional and international stability and peace.

Victory and peace for the democratic society in the areas of Autonomous Administration, shame and disgrace to terrorism and crime as whoever was behind it.


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