Tribal elders appeal to Arab tribes to be vigilant against Turkish sedition and its Ottoman project

The sheikhs of the Raqqa tribes affirmed that Turkey is still working to create sedition among the peoples of the region by striking Arabs with Arabs and creating crises between the siblings, and they also called on the Arab peoples to be alert and vigilant to these Turkish projects.

Turkey has worked over the years of the Syrian war to create discord and internal strife among the components of Syrian society, as it tries to lay political Islam as a basis for building its new Ottoman pyramid at the expense of the blood of the people of the Arab region and creating discord among its peoples.

Sheikhs and elders of the Raqqa clans, and in an exclusive interview with Hawar News Agency, spoke about the old Turkish-Ottoman project, and Erdogan's dreams to revive it.

As Sheikh Muhammad Turki Al-Swaan, Sheikh of the Sabkha clan, said, "After many years of the bloodshed of the Syrians, the Ottoman dream began to appear openly and expand through the Turkish occupation of northern Syria and Turkish interference in the affairs of other Arab countries."

"After Syria, Turkey tried to mix Arab papers as it allied with Qatar, created a crisis between it and the Gulf states, and convinced it of the possibility of its isolation from its Arab surroundings, and then resorted to supporting some militias in Libya," Sheikh Muhammad Turki Al-Sawan added.

Sheikh Muhammad Turki Al-Sawaan appealed to Libyan tribal elders and tribal people there to be vigilant and alert to what the Turkish government is planning for them to divide their country to serve Turkey's interests in North Africa.

In turn, Sheikh Ramadan Al-Rahhal the sheikh of "Al-Ali clan" in Raqqa, referred to the Turkish project, where he said: "Turkey, since the first day of the Arab peoples' crises after the revolutions that took place in the Arab region, spared no effort or means to break up the Arab region and create division between Arabs, and attempts to create discord and end up hitting Arabs with Arabs, by recruiting mercenaries from Syria and sending them to Libya. "

The sheikh added the "Al-Ali" clan, "We, the Syrians in particular and the Arabs in general, must be vigilant and alert, because the Turkish project is not in anyone's interest.

At the end of his speech, Sheikh Ramadan Al-Rahal sent a message to all the people who are exposed to crises today because of Turkey’s interference in its affairs to be vigilant and join hands to expose this project and stop it.


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