Trump administration expects Iranian exit from Syria

Brian Hook, the US special envoy for Iranian affairs, said that Iran's entry into Syria has virtually exhausted it economically, and stressed that this crisis could push Iran to leave the war-torn country.

Senior official in charge of the Iranian file at the US State Department, Brian Hook, believes that Russia and Syria have more benefits in reducing the role of Iran, the American Foreign Policy magazine reported.

The US special envoy for Iranian affairs said that Iran now has increased motives to withdraw from Syria, which cost billions of dollars, in conjunction with Corona’s destruction of the country's economy.

The Special Representative of Iran, Brian Hook, said that the United States witnessed a "tactical withdrawal" of Iranian forces in Syria, where "Iranian-backed" militias "provided much firepower to the Bashar al-Assad regime's attack on Idlib Governorate.

Hook said that leaving Iran from Syria has benefits for Russia and Syria and said, "Many countries want to move to a post-conflict scenario in Syria, and Iran is an obstacle to moving forward toward a political process."

Brian Hook added that Tehran's enthusiasm for proxy war across the Middle East may have decreased recently, especially with the deaths of more than 7,000 people in Iran with the Corona virus so far, a figure that US officials believe may be much higher.

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