Tunisian popular and political pressure on Ghannouchi

The head of the Tunisian Free Constitutional Bloc, MP Abeer Moussa, announced today that she will continue to sit in the parliament and go on a hunger strike gradually, after the parliament’s office refused to hold an accountability session for Rashid Ghannouchi about his undeclared foreign moves.

On Tuesday and Wednesday morning, the Tunisian scene witnessed an escalation of the campaign of criticism against the leader of the Ennahda Movement and Parliament Speaker Rashid Ghannouchi, as well as the accountability campaign, "Where did you get this from, Ghannouchi," which is run by Tunisian academics and activists.

"It was decided to start signing a popular petition to hold an accountability session for Rashid Al-Ghannouchi while sticking to withdrawing confidence from him to put an end to the Brotherhood's penetration that is threatening national security," Abeer Moussa said in a video on her Facebook page.

Moreover, MP in the Free Constitutional Party Magdi Boudhina said that a number of deputies from different parliamentary blocs who flocked to the headquarters of the sit-in announced their support for the sit-in of his party in the parliament’s headquarters, and their solidarity with the demand to hold Parliament Speaker Rashid Ghannouchi accountable for the background of his undeclared external moves and mysterious contacts.

The open sit-in of the members of the Free Constitutional Party inside the parliament headquarters continues to protest against the harassment and attacks against them by the representatives of Al-Nahdha Movement for their positions regarding the Brotherhood organization, and to call the deputies to vote in a public session to hold Ghannouchi accountable about his vague and undeclared relations with Turkey and the Brotherhood and his intelligence with foreign destinations.

Despite the approval of the parliament’s office on 6 demands submitted by the Free Constitutional Bloc as a condition to lift its sit-in in Parliament in exchange for rejecting a single point related to the request to hold Ghannouchi accountable, after he pledged to provide the office with a report on all his external contacts in the future, but the Constitutional Party bloc still adheres to this point as a condition to raise its sit-in, as Budiana indicated the possibility of taking further escalatory moves as well.

In the same context, a message of congratulations sent by the leader of the Al-Nahda movement Rashid Al-Ghannouchi to Prime Minister of the National Accord Government Fayez al-Sarraj after his Turkish-backed forces took control of al-Watiyah airbase, caused widespread discontent in Tunisia, and politicians, intellectuals and deputies considered that the message was a challenge to the country's president Qais Saeed, who is pushing towards neutrality in the Libyan crisis is infringing on its powers, and an attempt to implicate the country in lining up behind the Turkish-Qatari axis and dumping it in the quagmire of political Islam.


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