Turkey continues to divide Syria

Turkish occupation army continues in building the partition wall which separate between Afrin canton and al-Shahba, where the length of the wall currently 3,600 meters in six months.

The Turkish occupation army started building the partition wall since the beginning of April, in an effort to divide the Syrian territories, and to annex the city of Afrin to Hatay province, and it will be like Iskenderun.

The Turkish occupation army is building the wall in the late hours of the night, extending from the village of Gilber to Basala, in addition to the continuity of construction from the village of Mariamin in the district of Shara to the border of villages in the district of Sherawa.

The Turkish occupation worked to build the wall, which reached 3600 meters in six months of work, in order to re-Ottoman occupation again by annexing Afrin to Turkey and the construction of the partition wall.

"The Turkish occupation continues to build the partition wall in order to separate the city of Afrin from the Syrian territories, to annex the city of Afrin to Turkey and restore the glories of the Ottomans in the region," said Zainab Kassem, a spokeswoman for the women in the Afrin council.

Zeinab Kassem stressed the continuation of "their resistance in the face of the Turkish occupation and the struggle until returning to their homes."

"The Turkish occupation waged a brutal war on the people of the Afrin area."




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