"Turkey is losing its men in ME, its dreams are dissipating"

Independent politician Radwan Agri said that Turkey is losing all its "men" in the Middle East, "which is squandering its dreams of expansion due to the internal crisis and its loss of local elections." He added that Turkey was behind the recent attacks on Aleppo.

 Hawar news agency held an interview with the independent politician Radwan Agri, who highlighted the Turkish policy in the region and the recent strikes against it.

"Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia has been striving to restore its strength, especially economically. In Syria, Russia has been trying in recent years to re-establish its hegemony in the region through the AKP," he said, referring to the relations between Russia and Turkey. Russia is trying to use Turkey as a transit."

Agri pointed out that the Syrian regime and Iran agreed to launch a military campaign against Idlib and take it out of the control of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhet al-Nusra). "however, it seems that Russia is always postponing it to preserve its interests with the Turkish state, but Turkey cannot convince al-Nusra to get out of Idlib and surrender to the regime without fighting. "

Agri said that the development of relations between Turkey and Russia "has to do with the US-Russian differences, Russia is trying to break the North Atlantic Treaty by isolating Turkey from NATO in the sale of the defense system S400. The attacks launched by Israel on Iran in Syria, especially the last in Aleppo where Russia is giving coordinates, according to an Israeli newspaper, it is trying to reduce the Iranian role in the region.

Turkey is the biggest loser in the future

"Turkey has lost all its men such as Omar al-Bashir, has been defeated in Tunisia and Egypt, and has suffered in Libya after the attacks by Khalifa Hafter on the groups supported by Turkey," Radwan Agri said. "Turkey has lost all its men in the Middle East. Turkey is living in an internal crisis and it has lost in local elections, which is squandering its expansionist dreams, and the groups supported by Turkey and Syria will not find the way to victory."

Who is involved in the recent attacks escalation on Aleppo?

Agri stressed that Turkey is behind the recent attacks on the neighborhoods of Aleppo "to expand its dominance and access to its Ottoman project and the occupation of Aleppo, which does not satisfy the Syrian regime and Iran, they know that Turkey is not only longing to Afrin only, but it want to expand till the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood reaches of all Syria and rule it.

Radwan Agri said in his speech that Turkey will suffer damage from both the Russian and American sides, and added, "The Turkish policies will lead to the destruction of Russia and America as well, if Turkey returned to the bosom of America, Russia will retaliate, and America will retaliate from Turkey in case the relations developed more with Russia."

Agri added that Turkey set two choices before America: to stay with it or the People's Protection Units. "But now America put Turkey before choosing to stay with it or with Russia," he said.

At the end of his speech, Radwan Agri said that Russia and the regime, when America said it would withdraw from Syria, thought that the Autonomous Administration would weaken and they were quick to issue statements demanding holding dialogue with it to impose its conditions on them, but when they saw the opposite, they withdrew."



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