Turkey underestimates Europe and insists on exploration in eastern Mediterranean

Turkey renewed its intention to continue its activities on the exploration of hydrocarbon resources in the Eastern Mediterranean, noting that the decisions taken by the European Union against these activities would not affect its work on the island of Cyprus.

The Foreign Ministry said today that "the decisions taken at the meeting of the Council on Foreign Relations of the European Union, which was held on Monday, will in no way affect our determination to continue exploration activities for hydrocarbon resources in the Eastern Mediterranean.

And the statement added "These decisions are not addressed to the Turkish Cypriots who have equal rights to the natural resources of the island of Cyprus, and to treat them as non-existent, to clarify the degree of EU bias and prejudice in dealing with the island crisis."

"These decisions are the latest example of how the Greek / Rumanian misuse of their EU membership is being used, and an example of how the other EU countries have become effective in this."

Yesterday, the European Union took some steps and decisions in response to Turkey's illegal operations in the eastern Mediterranean.



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