Turkey wants to revive Daesh in Afrin, Adlib besides demographic change

Day after day, the evidence and documents that show that Turkey is father to the Islamic State's gangs (IS); Wherever Turkey exists, there is Daesh and, while these gangs take in the last breath in Syria and Iraq,  Turkish occupation wants to revive it, but this time in other place in Afrin and Adlib which are related to Turkey and where Turkification policies and demographic change are being followed.


Hawar news agency (ANHA) has received from reliable sources information that families well-known for their relation to IS have been brought by Turkey in an attempt to revive Daesh again in Afrin who brought  number of Islamic State gangs (IS) 's families from al-Tabqa ,al-Raqqa , al-Mayadeen , Deir-ez-Zor and Adlib, who have long criminal history and settled them in Ahemdi Misti village in Bulbul district.

The source mentioned that these families who lived in Ahmed Misti village were brought by Turkey as part of the demographic change policies adopted in Afrin and that they belong to 3 brothers with their father, all of whom joined ranks of (IS) gangs  since its appearance in Syria. The mercenaries who came with their families to the village are Mohammad Ahmad Khalil, Massoud Ahmed Khalil, Louay Ahmed Khalil and Father Ahmed Khalil."

After defeating Daesh by virtue of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in North Syria hundreds of mercenaries fled to Turkey. This family was among them, and this time they appeared in Afrin with the support of the Turkish occupation army and Settled them in Ahmedi Misti village.

According to the sources, the mercenary Massoud Ahmed Khalil was killed in an air strike in 2016 by the International Coalition on Islamic State gangs (IS) sites in al- Raqqa.

The mercenary Louay Ahmed Khalil was Amir to Agend battalion under umbrella of Islamic State gangs. On September 15, 2016, he was existed in Adlib province from there he went to al-Raqqa. He transferred mercenaries from Adlib to al- Raqqa and then to al-Mayadeen. He had a group belonging to him existed at Azamarin village in Adlib city and when he was crossing from Adlib to al-Raqqa he was stationed  south villages of Adlib and Hama as a transit point for them to pass his mercenaries to al-Raqqa, according to an informed source.

While Ahmed Khalil, the father of the three mercenaries, was also a mercenary in Daesh during they residence in al-Tabqa and after liberation al-Tabqa city from mercenaries fled from al-Tabqa and went to al-Mayadeen city and married young girl at 22  whose name is Wafa Mohammed Shams al-Din Khalil, Wafa carried out a suicide operation among civilians in al-Shadadi city at the request of her husband, the mercenary Ahmed Khalil.

After the Turkish aggression and its mercenaries on Afrin canton, this family was supported by Turkish occupation when they settled in Ahmadi Misti village belonging to Bulbul district and they are currently in the ranks of mercenaries of Ahrar al-Sharqiya in villages of Balia, Qazl Pasha and Hassan Deira in Bulbul district.

On the other hand, Hawar news agency (ANHA) obtained a video from Adlib city which was filmed in Ramadan, where people are shopping in the streets and on one of the walls behind them there is a picture of Islamic State’s flag known by black picture stressing IS has a strong presence in Adlib and its revival under umbrella of Turkish support.



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