"Turkey's main goal is to occupy more Syrian territory"

The People's Assembly of Hajin town issued a statement denouncing the practices of the Turkish occupation in Afrin canton and its construction of the partition wall in Afrin. In the same context, the town council issued a another statement, denouncing the Turkish violations of the lands of Afrin.

Dozens of people gathered in the town of Hajin and members of the assembly to hear the statement read by the co-chair of the People's Assembly in the town of Hajin Ghada Shendi, it included:

At the beginning of the year, the whole world is expecting some changes in international policies throughout the Middle East, especially the burning fronts of the conflict, in which Syria occupies the first place due to capitalist and Western ambitions in the Syrian lands.

In the light of those expectations, the eyes were set on Afrin, given the city's bloodshed against innocent civilians and demographic change since it was occupied by mercenaries of the so-called free army, supported by the fascist Turkish occupation, but today and more than a year since the occupation of the city, the intent of the malicious Ottomans turned to light, contrary to what they claim today, we find that the Turks extend their influence on the Syrian territory, and what became more clear is their desire to document those territories in the constraints of the Turkish state,  this is confirmed best by the Turkish authorities' construction of a wall today which means Turkey's attempt to annex Afrin to the Turkish territory, it was demanding a safe area on the border with Syria, but today and after trying to annex Afrin to the map of Turkey shows us the slander of intentions of the Turks in the division of Syria and fragmentation amid International silence.

In the same context, Soor Town Council in the countryside of Deir ez-Zor issued a statement read by the member of the Deir ez-Zor Civil Council Mohammed al-Ali and said in his text:

 "We condemn and denounce the Turkish occupation of Syrian territory, and strongly decry the historical actions that accompany the occupation to consolidate its feet under several fake arguments Turkey uses to justify its actions, especially in the north and east of Syria, because the organization, in its opinion, especially in the north and east of Syria is a danger to it and its dictatorial regime and all corrupt regimes, this democratic system depends on the brotherhood of peoples and justice and equality, and these qualities do not exist in corrupt regimes that depend on the domination and oppression and deprivation of peoples, so we see all systems active and effective in the north and east of Syria to destabilize security, safety and stability in the area.

 Therefore, we must be careful and vigilant of these schemes to thwart these conspiracies by organizing and raising awareness. "



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