Kaniya Kurdan neighbohood located east of Kobani suffers from a severe problem of sewage by summer; the residents of the neighborhood have increased their suffering because of the unpleasant smell and spread of insects and diseases among civilians.

To solve the problem, residents of the neighborhood appealed to People's Municipality in the canton but the Turkish occupation soldiers who are stationed at the border targeted the workers and municipal machineries with live bullets, forcing the municipality to stop work to another notice.

In this regard, the citizen Ahmed Alo from people of Kaniya Kurdan said "All the sanitary sewage comes from all the neighborhoods of Kobani, in addition to the water and blood of animals from the slaughterhouse of the city that is located in the neighborhood, noting they suffer a lot from bad odors in the neighborhood.

In turn, the municipality's administrator, Saleh al-Kurdi, said that "after the residents of the neighborhood submitted to us a request for the maintenance of sewers in the neighborhood  the municipality sought to solve this problem, but the Turkish occupation army targeted municipal workers while they were working with live bullets.""

Saleh added "Despite the attempt of the members of the municipality to continue to work, but they were forced to stop the work due to repeated targeting," calling on the concerned authorities and human rights organizations to put an end to the Turkish fascist state.