Turkish citizen offers his kidney for sale ..!

Kilichdar Oglu confirmed the disappearance of conscience in Turkey, and the deterioration of the economic situation to the extent that a Turkish citizen announced the sale of his kidney urgently, in addition to the spread of the phenomenon of raping children and exploiting them in the sale of drugs.

Turkey has been experiencing a severe economic crisis for a long time as a result of the sanctions imposed on it by the United States, Erdoğan's erroneous policies and his blatant interference in the affairs of several countries such as Syria, Libya and Sudan. The situation in Turkey reached the extent of a Turkish citizen announcement his desire to sell his kidney urgently on the background of the deterioration of economic conditions in Turkey, according to what media quoted from the leader of the Turkish opposition party, Kilichdar Oglu, who said that "this is the truth of Turkey," raising a picture carries the details of that Turkish citizen.

"The problem is not only with the economy. Moses Kart is imprisoned. Hakan Kara is in prison, and Qorai Oz is imprisoned. These are journalists in the newspaper Jumhuriyet and accused of belonging to the terrorist organization of Fathullah Gulen. Is it possible that they are followers of the terrorist organization of  Fathallah Gulen? The law is absent from the scene, it must be solved, the government will not solve this problem, but the honorable judges who will handle it. Othman Kavala has been imprisoned for 546 days and has not been charged. Arin Ardim has been in prison for 305 days and has dedicated his life fighting against Fathullah Gulen's organization, and now imprisoned on the charge of belonging to it, and his family's situation is in dire straits. I said to his family, "Arin Ardim has lost his life in fighting the terrorist organization of Fatahullah Gulen. He is known for his honorable reputation. Every day he is in jail, and history will not forget him."

Disappearance of conscience in Turkey

"The spread of rape of children underscores the disappearance of conscience, the abduction of children and the exploitation of them in drugs," Kilicard said and added, "Akram Imam Oglo wanted to set up an anti-Drugs Committee, but they refused. Then, they would go and exploit them. Drugs are very popular in slums, and this situation must be studied all over Istanbul, but they are blocking it, and I do not know how they describe us as opposition, because many laws that are in the interest of citizens come from here unanimously."

They leave terrorist organizations and fight opponents

And added, "The first member of Fathullah Gulen's organization is working alongside Erdoğan, who is Fateh Tamaniji. Charges are directed to the journalists of the Suzgo and Jumhuriyet newspapers and the high-ranking Fath Tamaniji, who is at the same time a member of the Association of Turkish Businessmen and Industrialists, and recently won an important tender in Istanbul. Those who say we are fighting terrorism leave terrorist organizations and fight those who oppose them. "



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