Turkish occupation appoints clients under "Mukhtar" in Afrin

The Turkish occupation army appointed so-called Makhtar in a number of villages of Belbela; the Mukhtars in the Turkish regime and the Ottomans earlier were agents of the state.

A source from Belbela district in Afrin told our agencies that the Turkish intelligence assigns non-Kurds as Mukhtars in the Kurdish villages.

The role of Mukhtars in Turkey has a historical dimension, the Ottoman State was based on it to run the affairs of villages and established as one of the organs of the state's intelligence and pressure on the people and the distinction between them.

In the Turkish state, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has assigned new functions directly to those Mukhtars have; they have been given an intelligence duty to monitor people and inform the authorities of all movements of citizens in their daily lives.

The Makhtar can report anything related to their neighborhood residents via a special line in the Mukhtar Information System, an electronic program designed by the Ministry of the Interior Data Processing Department.

According to the same source, the Turkish intelligence has appointed "Arab and Turkmen Mukhtars in the villages of Shangila, Shikhorza, Kokan, Sharqi, Korta, Bibaka, and Barkashe in order to change the demographics of the region."


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