Sources told Hawar news agency that the Turkish occupation army's mercenaries continue with its violations and criminal practices against the people of Afrin kidnapping them and deliberately targeting the Yezidis in Afrin.

The sources said that the gangs kidnapped six Yazidis from one family in the Qibar village, while the women escaped to neighboring villages, the kidnapped are: Fadi Aref, Ibrahim Aref, Ali Aref, Abdul Rahman Aref, Samir Aref and Hanan Aref.

In the same context, the mercenaries abducted nine citizens from the villages of Qara Kul, Qusho, Khililak and Shikurz and took them to an unknown destination. They were 'Aref Yasin, 65, from Qara Kul village, Hassan Mohammed Jabo, 40 years old from Qara Kul village, Hussain Abdul Rahman, 25, from Qara Kul village, Ahmed Khalil, 40, from Shikhorz village, Rashid Haj Rashid, 26 years old from Qusha village, Kamal Haj Rashid, 21 years old from Qusha village, Sheikh Mousa Bilal, 65, from Khalilak village

 According to the same sources, the mercenaries also burned the house of Hanan Taher of Qara Kul village after they looted all his belongings and stole them.