Turkish occupation kidnaps young woman, her family seeks human rights’ aid

The Turkish occupation mercenaries kidnapped a young woman from Darwish village of Rajo district in the occupied canton of Afrin, while her family called for humanitarian and human rights organizations to rescue and hand her over to her family.

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries double their violations, which are classified as war crimes against humanity, against the civilians in Afrin canton since its occupation on March 18, 2018, and women in Afrin have received the largest share of violence along with kidnappings and rape.

And the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army kidnapped the young woman Valentina Mostafa Hassen Arslan, who is 23 years old, a year and a half ago when she was heading from her village to Maidaki village in Shera district in Afrin occupied canton.

The mother of the young woman Valentina, Samira Hussein Resho tells our agency how the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army kidnapped her daughter. She says: "My daughter was kidnapped when she was going to her husband's house in Maidanki village, and she was found unconscious in Afrin Park by one of al-Ghouta settlers."

Samira added: "The settler is called Enas and she works as a nurse. She took her to Kafr Nebul town in the occupied governorate of Idlib."

Samira pointed out that her daughter managed to communicate with her brother who lives in the Turkish city of Istanbul and narrated to the family what happened with her during her kidnapping, as they were in constant communication at the time.

And 8 months ago, the young woman Valentina’s news was cut off from her family that called on the international and legal organizations to save her daughter from the Turkish occupation areas and return her to her home.



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