Turkish occupation uses other ways to build partition wallلا

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries resume in the canton of Afrin from time to time to build the partition wall in the territory of Afrin, in order not to attract the attention of the international community and the world, and built so far more than 3,600 meters.

Turkish occupation works in the construction of the wall in the late night hours, and from time to time and not on a daily basis, sources pointed out that the occupation resorted to it after the reactions of this wall and anxious not to draw attention to it.

 (ANHA) correspondent, citing sources, said the wall had reached 3,600 meters. Sources said that the occupation will build a 75 km wall between Afrin and Syrian territory.

The latest Turkish work to build the wall continues in the villages of Basala and Kemar, which belong to Sherawa.

The partition wall has been built in Gilbera village and Turkish occupation army approached to Basala village, as adjacent, as well as continue to build in the village of Marimin in Shara district.

The construction of the wall in some villages in Sherawa district was stopped as a result of the military operations carried out by the Afrin Liberation Forces in that area.

The Turkish occupation demolished dozens of civilian homes to build this wall, and this was seen with the naked eye in the village of Gilbera. The Turkish occupation also cut hundreds of olive and forest trees in order to build its bases and this wall.



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