United States withdraws from 5 military bases in Afghanistan

​​​​​​​Under an agreement with the Taliban, the United States withdrew from five military bases in Afghanistan.

The Pentagon spokesman, Jonathan Hoffman, said that the United States withdrew from five bases in Afghanistan, and it reduced the size of its forces there, which was part of the agreement concluded with the Taliban last February, according to CNN Arabia.

"Five bases that were occupied by American forces have been transferred to our Afghan partners," Hoffman said in a statement on Tuesday.

"The military presence in Afghanistan still focuses on capabilities, not numbers, and we maintain capabilities and powers. It is necessary that we protect ourselves, our allies, our partners, and the national interests of the United States," Hoffman said.

The statement did not mention the Taliban's continuing ties to al-Qaeda, which was mentioned in a report by the US Defense Department earlier this month.

Under the agreement signed with the Taliban, America had reduced its forces in Afghanistan to 8,600 and withdraw from five bases.



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